Hickory Dickory Doc


Hichory Dichory Doc

This is a new sculpture I just finished carving. It is hand carved out of wood(except the mouses tails, they are wire!). It is obviously based on the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock. I choose to put three mice each named Hickory, Dickory and Doc. Doc is the one with the crooked tail(the smart one), Dickory is the one at the top(not so bright) and Hickory is the other one(very curious). It is great fun to do these and I plan on doing more after I finish some storyboxes. If you would like to see other work by me visit http://www.stevelightart.com!


One Response to “Hickory Dickory Doc”

  1. Nancy Oliviero Says:

    WOW, now that is talent–Way to go Steve–
    I love Hickory, Dickory and Doc mice–they are my fav anyway–

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