Kolo exhibit

So here is a pic. of the Kolo permanent pop-up in the show–UNDER GLASS!!


3 Responses to “Kolo exhibit”

  1. Jill Carpentier Says:

    I just finished showing your web site to my family. It was like the 4th of July — I clicked around on all the pages to show all your various projects, and the room filled with “oooooohhhhs” and “aaaaaahhhhhhhs.” Such uplifting, beautiful creativity!

    Just ordered your new children’s book on Amazon — can’t wait to get it.

  2. Jacque Says:

    Oh my god that is soooooo cool! Where is it?

  3. Nancy O Says:

    Oh my–it has been a while since I browsed your site–so many features. It is so fun to look at each section–My favorite is the Storytime DVD–I have one and watch it all the time–
    Have you a new date for your TRUCKS GO book?
    Please make sure you send out a notice when it is ready to be purchased–I have so many children to buy it for!!!!

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