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“Trucks Go” to come out soon!

February 22, 2009

I thought I would share some pics of ¬†when I was creating the illustrations for “Trucks Go”. This artwork was inspired by kids drawings and the simple way they capture the feeling of these big massive hunks of metal. I decided to limit myself in the supplies I used in order to get the directness in my art that every child naturally has. I used a limited palette of only four colors. The colors are Cadmium yellow deep hue, Hooker’s green light hue, Cadmium red medium hue and Lamp black. I used Grumbacher Academy watercolor. I only used one brush, a Langnickel 7150 Royal Knight size 8 brush. I also used a wood dip pen I carved with a razor (to draw the black smoke and tires!) This has been the most fun I have had creating this art. It was great to work with Quirk Packaging and Chronicle books. You can visit Quirk and Chronicle by clicking the links in the blogroll to the right.