Modofly Laser Engraved Moleskines

The great guys at have chosen two of my drawings to be laser engraved onto Moleskine sketchbooks. Moleskines are my favorite sketchbooks and I use them almost exclusively! The other artists on the site are amazing, so check it out. Birdman cages is on the second page third or fourth one down on the right, click on it then you can click on flying pigs.



One Response to “Modofly Laser Engraved Moleskines”

  1. Nancy O Says:

    I ordered these sketchooks and they are even more vibrant in person–Such a cool way to keep all our sketches…

    I also like the lined paper, cause I am always jotting down notes and to have these charaters on the cover make me smile every time I open it.

    And how many times have I said “When Pigs Fly”…when my kids wanted something outrageous!!!!

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